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We focus on you, the client, and together we get started to work our way through all the tasks and obligations that come along with taxation and finance. Wether you need assistance with a specific issue or you want us to accompany and advise you on all kind of topics. With us at your side you´re in expert hands.

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Business Consulting
Business Start-ups
Calculation of Profits
International Taxation
Financial Accounting
Tax Returns
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Business Consulting

To ensure long-term success of your company, in addition to a financial statement analysis at the end of the fiscal year, a prompt detailed view of your financial accounting data is required. By using different business calculation models, such as cost and investing accounting, financial planning and balance sheet ratio analysis, problem areas can be identified early on. This ensures that timely and appropriate action is taken to counteract any negative trends. We create detailed analyses, taking into account your individual business situation, as well as economic and legal circumstances. The  implementation of the analyses will contribute to your business success.

  • investment and costing

    Your current operational expense summary

  • Financial planning / budgeting

    Indentify your possibilities

  • Accounting ratio analysis

    To identify potentials and issues in you company and control them proactively.

Business Start-ups

We advise our clients not only on personal financial planning, but also guide them with their business start-up. In addition to explaining the tax aspects to be considered when starting a new firm or a company takeover, we present the different options regarding the legal structure of your business. We offer support in the development of business strategies and business plans, such as finance development, liquidity or investment plans. Furthermore, we can accompany our clients, on request, to discussion and negotiation meetings with banking authorities and business partners.

  • Consulting on the legal structure of your company

  • determination of company value (for purchase or buy-outs)

  • Joint appointments in banks and financial institutions

  • Development of business-plans for banks and potential investors

Calculation of profits

Cash Method of Accounting

The cash method of accounting is a simplified method of calculation of profits that may only be applied to a certain group of business people. The advantage of this profit calculation method compared to standard accounting is that payment of business expenses may be accelerated before year end, in order to maximize tax deductions, whereas billings for services may be postponed to after year end, so that payments won’t be received until the new year, thus postponing tax payments on such income. We will review the legal requirements to determine whether a cash method of accounting is possible for your business.

Financial Statements

If your enterprise is required by commercial law and / or tax legislation to keep books or if you run books voluntarily, we prepare financial statements for your business. The financial statements are comprised of the balance sheet and profit and loss account and are supplemented by notes and optionally a management report for corporations. In accounting, the result is determined on an accrual basis, whereby assets and liabilities of the financial year are taken into account and non-period operations are neutralized by the formation of prepaid expenses / prepaid income; inventory increases / decreases are to be considered and provisions recorded.

We prepare the financial statements in strict accordance with Commercial Code and, if necessary, we prepare a reconciliation to determine taxable profit. Alternatively, we can prepare a tax balance sheet. Upon request, we can complete a plausibility check of statutory financial statements. This makes sense when submitting annual accounts to outsiders, especially banks, which will analyze the economic situation of your company in terms of creditworthiness on the basis of rating criteria. For corporations and business partnerships with disclosure requirements, we create additional financial statements for disclosure in the electronic Federal Gazette using all legal facilitation and provide publication.

International Tax Law

Due to our geographical position on the border between Germany and the Netherlands, we advise and supervise cross-border mandates and, therefore, also like to explain international issues primarily in relation to the Netherlands.

American Tax Returns in the United States with Limited Tax

When income sources in the United States exist, the filing of U.S. tax returns may be required as part of the local restricted income tax liability. Our accounting firm, in cooperation with an American tax consulting firm, will arange your American tax return.

Financial Accounting

We record your vouchers so that we can produce monthly, quarterly or annual financial accounting. Additionally we conduct a property accounting of your company. So that you always have an overview of the assets and liabilities, we offer the guidance of open-item accounting. Following the preparation of the financial accounting, you will get an economic evaluation in which the developments of your business for previous and current fiscal years are visible. We also provide, on request, additional documents, such as trial balance, cash flow statement, and ratio analysis. If you submit banking business analyses during the year, we assemble the different documents together in the form of a bank report.

Should a sales tax liability exist for your company, we examine your documents to meet legal requirements and advise you of abnormalities. We calculate the sales tax payable or client refund and submit the VAT returns to the tax office.

If you are conducting business throughout Europe, we will create the recapitulative statement and transmit the data to the Federal Central Tax Office. If you or your employees accumulate company expenses in other European countries, we will examine the possibility of a VAT refund by way of rebate submissions for all countries within the European Union.
Of course, if you have the appropriate knowledge, the possibility exists that you can prepare your financial accounting partially or completely by yourself. In this case, we can offer you financial accounting software from our IT partner that ensures the data transfer in our system. As an alternative, we can set up Internet access through which you can access our accounting software and can record your accounting data directly into our system. This way, no data transfer to us is needed at the end of the year and you have access to all software evaluation versions. We do, however, advise you when selecting another suitable software and assist you with the initial setup. We also support you in training your staff and we inform you of any new or changed legislation.


When creating the payroll accounts, income tax law, as well as employment and social security aspects, must be observed. In addition, demand for the settlement of particular wages in the construction industry requires special knowledge. We create paystubs for the employees of your company and convey both the payroll tax declarations to the tax office and the social security contributions paid to the health insurance companies at year end we will report the relevant data to the Industrice Accident Insurance and Industrial Safety corporation. In addition, we maintain personnel master data as well as the annual salary accounts of your employees and provide all reports of your employees to the health insurance and pension providers. Besides we issue certificates for employment agencies, family benefit offices (eg. application for child benefits, maternity allowance or housing benefits), etc. Of course, we also assist you with income tax or social security audits.

Tax Returns

Income Tax Returns

We prepare your income tax return, while taking into account your personal circumstances, and make your tax burden as beneficial as possible, under existing legislation. If you receive income from capital assets, we strictly check for a lower tax rate and/or tax deduction to determine whether the tax burden is more favorable for you by using the capital gains tax rate or your personal tax rate. Upon acquisition of rental property or a residential building that you want to reside in as well as use as rental property, we advise you with regard to the most tax-efficient form of financing and determine your taxable rental income. A sale of land can be considered taxable income. We will explain in advance which divestiture periods must be observed in order to avert tax liability.

Corporation, Trade and Sales Tax Returns

Having completed the determination of income for your business, we prepare the corporate tax returns. A business enterprise is generally subject to trade tax, so a trade tax return based on your tax profit must be prepared. If the sales of your business or subject of vat, then a sales tax return must also be prepared. We perform a tax assessment of your sales, in particular the services with an international element. If your company is a corporation, the company is subject to tax liability and a corporate tax return must be prepared.
Upon request, we provide forward-looking tax burden comparisons and advise you about the possibilities of company legal structure changes, as well as associated tax advantages and disadvantages.

Inheritance and Gift Tax

When designing an asset transfer, including business succession to the next generation, inheritance and gift tax aspects should be considered. Tax disadvantages, that not only draw lengthly disputes with tax authorities, but can also jeopardize the continued existence of a company, can be avoided with early observation. We will gladly advise you and your successors in the handling of a business transfer.

If, through inheritance or gifts, assets are transferred, an inheritance tax return and/or gift tax return must be prepared. The different assets must be identified and valuated. We check the various types of assets, the possibility of the use of favorable rules and /or tax reliefs. After applying other personal allowances, which are is dependent on the degree of relationship, we then perform the tax calculation.

Tax Legal Protection

Once the tax assessments are made ​​and the tax bills are released, we perform the verification. In the event of faulty or dubious taxation, we initially represent your interests to the tax authorities in an extrajudicial appeal. If a judicial appeal before the Tax Court follows, we will represent your interests as well as in any subsequent disputes before the Federal Tax Court. We also attend audits by the tax authorities and monitor their implementation.

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Wether you want a to hand in your private tax-declaration or you need an all-inclusive-consulting for you company; you´re always well advised to chose us as your partner. Get to know us personally during a nonbinding appointment in our office and learn how to profit twice from a good support in taxation matters.