Qualified Auditing

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The scope of the auditing firm is primarily characterized by the Reserved Tasks; to prepare statutory audits of financial statements of certain companies, and to provide audit reports of performance and results of the audits. This area of operations is augmented by conducting audits on a voluntary or contractual basis.

Our expertise qualifies us further for evaluations and expert opinions in all areas of economic management as well as Fiduciary issues.

Our Auditing Services

Business Audits
Annual Financial Statements
Payment Trustee
Evaluations/ Expert Opinions

Business Audits

In addition to the statutory or voluntary commitment to annual financial statement audits, there are industry-specific and contractual audit obligations. These are, for example, MaBV audits or the audit of the fulfilment of contractual obligation with “Grüner Punkt” and “Interseroh”.

We are happy to be at your disposal to fulfill your audit obligations.

Auditing Obligations

Real estate brokers, developers and construction manager are obliged to MaBV audits.

This includes the review of German Dual System (DSD) invoices/billings

Annual Financial Statements

Companies can be obligated by law to have an annual audit of financial statements conducted in order to receive an audit report of performance and results of the audit.  Audit obligations concern companies of all different legal forms, sizes and industries. If no audit has taken place the financial statements cannot be adopted. In addition, all other companies can undergo a voluntary annual audit. Conducting the audit of the annual financial statements serves as a control function, e.g., regarding the proper accounting or reporting on the situation of the company, including an examination of whether risks of future development are presented accurately.

Only qualified auditors who submit to independent quality checks regularly may perform statutory audits and may use his or her professional seal. We meet these criteria and are therefore authorized to carry out the appropriate audits.

We will gladly check for you whether your company is subject to a mandatory audit and make you an offer to perform the audit.

Payment Trustees

In the field of domestic and foreign fund investments, we have extensive experience in our role as trustee.

One of our professionals has been appointed as a Certified Acceptance Agent by the American tax authorities (IRS = Internal Revenue Service) and may be helpful to you in the United States with limited tax liability in the process of obtaining a taxpayer identification number.

Evaluations / Expert Opinions

The function of an evaluator or an expert is directly related to the job description of a qualified auditor.

One focus of our evaluations / expert opinions is making company valuations, which may be required or desired for a variety of reasons.

Be it in the context of acquisitions or divestitures, as well as for transfers of shares, be it private issues such as estate planning, inheritance disputes or property disputes in divorce cases: If you would like a valuation, please feel free to contact us.

Get to know us

A cooperative partnership between clients and auditors requires one thing – confidence. Therefore we start every client relation with an open and non-binding meeting. We kindly invite you to find out more about us and to learn if we suit you and your company needs.

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